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Comparing Builders Apples To Apples
Custom Home Building With Us Remodeling 
When embarking on the journey to build a Custom Home, one of the most critical aspects is comparing different Builders effectively. It can be a daunting task given the uniqueness of each Builder’s offerings and pricing structures. To ensure you’re making an informed decision, you need to learn how to compare “apples to apples” by […]
How Long is This Going to Take?
Building With Us Custom Home Remodeling Scheduling 
When we meet with potential Customers, one of the most frequent and earliest questions we are asked is “how long is this going to take?” It’s a valid concern: you want to know how long you’ll need to adjust your daily life and how long you’ll be living in a construction zone. However, the answer […]
To Upgrade or Build New?
Building With Us Custom Home Remodeling 
To stay, or not to stay?  If you’re struggling to decide whether or not you should upgrade your current home or build a new one, then this article is just for you.  We are going to explore some of the points you should consider before you decide to move or improve. First, let’s talk about […]
Why Choose a Small Builder?
Building With Us Custom Home 
Why a Small Builder is Better Than a Large Builder Before you jump into a major project like building the home of your dreams, it’s important to be sure you have the right builder to support you every step of the way.  Each home is special, personal, and deserves no less than the best!  So […]
Building 101: Plumbing Groundworks Through Framing (pt. 1)
Building With Us Custom Home 
Last time, we taught you how to get your new home from an empty building pad to a completed foundation. While we can’t cover absolutely every aspect of each phase of construction, hopefully the high notes we hit give a solid foundational knowledge of how your home is built. So what’s up now? Let’s get […]
Building With Us: The Beginning Of The Process
Building With Us 
By now, from our prior post (read it here), you know what your first contact will be like and you’ve contacted us. If you have not contacted us yet, stop reading and do it now. We’ll wait.
Building 101: Stakeout Through Foundation
Building With Us Custom Home 
We hope you enjoy joining us as we traverse the many aspects of building a new home. While building a new home is one of the most gratifying forms of construction, there’s a significant amount of coordination, and management of several components, including: deliveries, codes, inspections, subcontractors, suppliers, weather, sediment controls, material selections, etc.
Building With Us: Your First Contact
Building With Us Custom Home Remodeling 
So you’ve decided to do it. You’re going to build a new home, expand your home, or finally give your vehicles a cozy place to park. Whether the decision was easy or required much deliberation, it’s a huge step toward completing your project.
Building With Us: Explore Our New Series
Building With Us Custom Home Remodeling 
Dive deep with us in our new Building 101 series.
Custom Home Remodeling 
Wood. It’s all around us. Trees, homes, tables, pencils, and so much more. So many topics to discuss regarding wood. We could talk about the structural characteristics of wood. We could talk about sustainability. Price! Shapes. Species. Many, many more. But let’s talk about appearance. Let’s talk about the impact that properly sized, proportioned, and installed wood can have on an interior space.
Winter Blues Part 2
Custom Home Remodeling 
More snow. Ice. Cold weather. This is the time of year when people are mad at a groundhog and memes about the local weatherman’s accuracy run rampant.
Winter Blues
Custom Home Remodeling 
Winter got you down? Ready for warmer weather? Do you wish your basement was a retreat after a long day or week? Does your kitchen need a facelift before you begin entertaining again?
Construction Consulting. What is it? How can it help?
Consultants. What do you think of when you first hear that word? Ok, so what is a consultant?
Scheduling During A Pandemic
If you haven’t noticed, there’s been a hot topic in the news that began earlier in 2020 and has continued for much of the year. No, not the election or COVID-19. Rather, Liverpool’s dominance over the Premier League in the 19/20 season and whether they’ll repeat in the current season.
We Love What We Do. But Why?
Consulting Custom Home Remodeling Scheduling 
Chances are, at some point in your life, you have put a lot of effort into creating something. It may have been an amazing meal, a story, a Minecraft creation (this one for my kids), a winning team, or something else.
What To Expect When You’re Expecting (… To Build A New Home)
Custom Home 
Time for a new home? The first likely place that most people turn is the resale market. Usually, there are many options, several styles, various finishes, price ranges, and ages of homes on the market. Sometimes market demand pushes these prices to the top end of affordability.
Scheduling is just making a few phone calls, ordering material, and closing your eyes with hopes it all falls into place, right? Well, not exactly. But how hard is it? What goes into scheduling for a New Home? And why is it so darn important?
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