JT Custom Builders

So you want to build a New Custom Home, an Addition, or a Garage?

We’re launching a new Building With Us series that will dive deep into several aspects of starting and working through a new project. We’ll answer your questions about what to expect when you first contact us, how long the process takes, what JT Custom Builders does to make the process as smooth as possible for you – including steps we have taken to improve our own processes over the years, and more.

As if that’s not enough, we’ll also be showing you the step-by-step process to build a new home as we take our new project in Woodbine, Maryland from start to completion.


Here, we sit excavated for our slab on grade home and await footers.

We genuinely hope you enjoy learning a little bit about us, the process we take for your new home or remodeling project, and how to build a home from the ground up. Contact us TODAY if you’re interested in discussing a new project. We LOVE what we do and we’d love to be your Builder.



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