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Why a Small Builder is Better Than a Large Builder

Before you jump into a major project like building the home of your dreams, it’s important to be sure you have the right builder to support you every step of the way.  Each home is special, personal, and deserves no less than the best!  So why is it better to work with a small builder like us to make your dreams come true?  Well, stick around and we’ll tell you why!

Working with a smaller builder allows for a personalized experience.  You can compare working with a small builder versus a larger one to shopping at a “Mom and Pop” convenience store versus a Big Box Store.  Friendly smiles and familiar faces go a long way, but it is especially important when working on a long-term project like building a home.  Building a home is no small task and involves some ongoing collaboration with your builder.  Small builders and their staff tend to be much more welcoming and approachable which makes for a truly enjoyable relationship throughout the building process.

Streamlined communication is another great advantage of working with small, local builders.  We all know what it’s like when there are too many hands in the pot and the headache that comes with it.  If you are working with a larger building company and need to get in touch with someone, don’t be surprised if you are placed on hold, talk to several people, or even have to wait for a call back just to get the answers you are looking for.  You can probably agree that working with a small builder and being able to pick up the phone and hear a familiar voice makes for a smoother experience.

Small builders are much more detail-oriented which leads to better quality work and higher customer satisfaction!  Large building companies aren’t always local and they typically juggle several big projects at a time.  In other words, their focus on quantity can take a toll when it comes to quality.  On the other hand, small builders are known for taking each project personally and focusing in on the details to produce superior results!

Choosing a small builder means more local and relevant testimonials from your friends and neighbors.  Word of mouth is still golden these days, and it’s what we depend on to make well-informed decisions.  A lot of hard work and time goes into building a home, so finding a builder you can trust to get it done right is an absolute must.  Rather than relying on online reviews from total strangers, there is a real peace of mind that comes with honest feedback from the people in your community that you already know and trust.

Along the lines of “try before you buy”, here’s a hot tip that may never have crossed your mind…

When you’re ready to seal the deal with your potential builder, you want to be sure they are capable of delivering to your standard.  Instead of looking at pictures or taking their word for their quality of work, wouldn’t it be nice to see some of their past work in person?  Small builders tend to work within a smaller geographical radius than large builders, so chances are you can easily drive by a home they already built!  If you were referred to your local builder by a friend who used them in the past, then use it as an excuse to pay your friend a visit and “tour” their home!

At the end of the day, any builder can build a house – but it’s the experience along the way and quality work at the end that can make all the difference.  After all, you’re building more than just a house.  You’re building your home!

So why not play it safe and avoid some of the bumps in the road by working with a small builder you know you can trust?  It’s more than just rooting for the “little guy”, it’s the first of many important decisions that go into making your dream home a reality!

If you’re planning to build and want a truly personal, one-of-a-kind, collaborative experience with a small builder, then get in touch with us today!




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