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Time for a new home? The first likely place that most people turn is the resale market. Usually, there are many options, several styles, various finishes, price ranges, and ages of homes on the market. Sometimes market demand pushes these prices to the top end of affordability. Did you know that building a New Home can be as affordable as what’s on the resale market?

Pick your lot, draw some plans, get a permit, wait 6 months, move in, and live happily ever after. It’s just that easy!

Wait for it..

Wait for it..

Ok, so it’s not that easy. But how bad is it? What is really involved? Who does what and how long does it take? And, really, what’s this going to cost?

So let’s rewind a little. You have decided you’re ready for a different home. You’ve browsed the resale market and aren’t finding the results you want.

“Maybe we can build a home!?”

After that question is posed, a whirlwind of questions, thoughts, and emotions are sure to follow.

Navigating the process of building a New Home can be complicated. You generally will start by looking for a location to build and developing a set of architectural plans.

  • Land: there are many complicated steps related to selecting the perfect piece of property. Of course, you’re going to want to be sure the location, layout, size, and topography (flat, sloped, etc.) work for you. That’s the easy part. You also will need to verify that the land is buildable. Will the local jurisdiction ALLOW a home to be built? What kind of septic system will be approved? Will a well yield at least the minimum required rate?
  • Architectural Plans: often, it’s easy to determine how many bedrooms and bathrooms you’d like. More often than not, there’s a focus on the kitchen, family room, and master bath. These rooms need to be well thought out and placed in a logical, efficient, and aesthetically pleasing manner. Beyond that, the exterior is critical to get right. Configuring your New Home to fit appropriately on the lot you select is a critical step as well.

Sounds easy so far, right?

So you’re finding land and getting plans developed. So what’s this going to cost? Generally speaking, you’re likely going to need 30, 40, or up to 50 subcontractors and suppliers all working together to build your home. Once they know what you’re building (Architectural Plans) and what you’re putting into your home (Specifications, Finishes, etc.), they can give you pricing. Add it all up, get a loan (most likely), pull a permit, and go! Now you can sit back and put your feet up for 6 months and your home will build itself.

Ok, so really. Hire a Builder (us, of course). Unless you have a lot of experience, a ridiculously high tolerance for risk, and lots of time on your hands, you’re better off working with an experienced Builder who can navigate every step mentioned above and more. There is so much that goes into building a New Home, let alone YOUR New Home. It has to be perfect. Hire us to stress the small details and get it done for you.

JT Custom Builders has a well thought out process that promotes communication, detailed and focused specifications, a thorough budget, and a personal touch that you will not get from larger builders. We truly love what we do and would love to build your New Home.

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