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Chances are, at some point in your life, you have put a lot of effort into creating something. It may have been an amazing meal, a story, a Minecraft creation (this one for my kids), a winning team, or something else. Maybe you built something. Whatever the creation was, chances are pretty good that when it was complete you stepped back, paused for a period of time, and admired what you did. And I hope that’s the case. The satisfaction of putting time and effort into crafting something that wasn’t there before is sometimes immeasurable. 

This is why we build. 

Whether we’re remodeling an existing home or creating a new structure entirely…the work, effort, time, energy, creativity, planning, and execution that goes into it gives a feeling of accomplishment that is hard to match. From the initial planning stages, many hours are put into conceptualizing the final product. Thinking through every stage. Perfecting details. Building the project in our minds and on paper.  

During construction, there’s dust, noise, unfinished edges, and components that should go together that seemingly don’t want to fit. There’s sweat, long hours, stress, to-do lists that go on and on, and deadlines. There are Customer expectations to meet and accommodations to make. There are changes and decisions to be made.

And then slowly: the lists get shorter…the project is taking shape…it’s getting cleaner…the unfinished edges are finished…the components are now together in a seamless blend. 

Our Customer sees their project nearing completion. The joy on their face is priceless. The excitement they show as they know we’re near the finish line is amazing.

And then it’s done. 

We step back, take a deep breath, laugh with those we’ve bickered with during the final days, forget the long hours and stress, and admire what is now complete. This creation wasn’t there before. We did it. We combined hundreds, maybe thousands, of materials into one finished product. We provided a family with a new place to enjoy – whether it’s a deck, an addition, a basement, a kitchen, a bathroom, or a brand new home of their dreams. We walk away having left our mark on their lives and their property. 

And when the sun rises the next day, we start a new creation. 

For some of us, it’s hard to explain why we love what we do. We just do. We’re often tired and sore. But we were born to build. We were born to create. We’re human: we’re not perfect, we don’t love every day, but we do love what we do and when we have a chance to work for you and create your project, we put all of our effort into creating something special for you. 


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