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Custom Home Building in maryland

Building your new dream home, or even thinking about it can be exciting, stressful, and daunting. We at JT Custom Builders LOVE building homes and use this passion to work to provide you with an unparalleled and unforgettable experience. Continue reading for a brief overview of our process.

What to expect

Normally, the process to build your new Custom Home with JT Custom Builders involves an initial discussion to determine some basics. For this discussion, we’ll review land/lot options, general architectural tastes and process for plans, and budget. Often, our customers come with one or two of the three well thought out, but we’re well equipped to meet you wherever you are in the process!

After the initial discussion, we will establish a plan that includes all three: land, plans, and budget.

Fast forward, with plans in hand, we will discuss some selections and specifications and work to prepare a personalized proposal or budget tailored to your project.

In this process, we will also work through the lot details, sign a contract, and work through permitting to offcially start working on your dream home.


Our Work


Our unique Custom Home process begins with you and always keeps you in mind. When you first contact JT Custom Builders, you will be met with a passion for homebuilding that will be evident right away. You will have a few email and telephone communications with Jimmy, our Owner. During those conversations, you will provide us with your vision and ideas, if you have a lot selected, and more. Afterwards you will be presented with a summary of initial thoughts and a ballpark budget range for your New Home. If you have your dream Home already selected, bring it to us and we can build it for you. No matter where you are in your process of building your New Home, we will meet you there and take you through the rest.



*Formal timeline to be established and will be subject to change depending on status of lot ownership, plans development, etc.

STEP 1 – Feasibility meeting and pre-construction contact
After the initial ballpark stage, we will meet to discuss further details and sign a Pre-Construction Contract which sets the expectations, timeline, and requirements of both parties until the end of Step 3 below. This is a necessary step to ensure that we establish as many details as possible both for your New Home and for the process.
Step 2 – Development of plans and specifications
  1. If you do not have architectural plans yet:
    1. We have many trusted architects and designers that we work with. We will provide you with recommendations based on our experiences and your vision and style.
  2. If you bring your architectural plans to us:
    1. We will review and discuss your plans and confirm no changes need to be made.
  3. As architectural plans are being finalized, we will review basic selections with you to begin developing your detailed pricing and budget.
Step 3 – Bidding, estimating, and formal contract
  1. At this stage, with architectural plans and specifications in place, we will work with our subcontractors and internal staff to provide a detailed pricing estimate.
  2. Upon agreement on the total Contract price for your new home, we will sign a Construction Contract and begin the permitting process.

Your Budget

Knowing your budget is very important to the success of your project and our working relationship. When you first contact JT Custom Builders, we will ask if you have a budget in mind. If you do not have a budget in mind, we will obtain enough details to provide you with a potential price range based on our experience. With the budget or ballpark range, we will be able to determine if we are a good mutual fit to move forward together.

Home remodeling in maryland depicting monetary value on the keyboard of a laptop
Home remodeling in maryland depicting monetary value on the keyboard of a laptop


Wood. It’s all around us. Trees, homes, tables, pencils, and so much more. So many topics to discuss regarding wood. We could talk about the structural characteristics of wood. We could talk about sustainability. Price! Shapes. Species. Many, many more. But let’s talk about appearance. Let’s talk about the impact that properly sized, proportioned, and installed wood can have on an interior space.

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