March 18, 2021

We HIGHLY recommend JT Builders. We contracted JT Builders to do several projects in our new-to-us but outdated home. We just finished up phase one of the work, largely comprised of our new kitchen and walk-in pantry, and we genuinely couldn’t be any happier with the results! Here are a few highlights from our experience to date: • Communication – expect to be impressed with how in the loop you are regarding status, pricing, options, expectations, etc. • Quality – these guys know their stuff and genuinely care about the finished result. You don’t have to fight about little things that come up along the way because they’re on top of a solution before you even realize there was a snag in the plan • Work ethic – I am seldom impressed with anyone’s work ethic and attention to detail, but Jimmy and his team continually impress. They delivered what we wanted and did so in a timely manner. Which brings me to: • Customer service – they really embody the customer-is-always-right mentality. We’re constantly throwing curve balls at them as we come up with new ideas, and they couldn’t be more accommodating, pleasant, and responsive. • Last but not least, you’re comfortable having them in your home. We’ve worked with a number of the guys on the team (if not all) and they’re all just good people that you’re very comfortable being in and out of your space all week long. We can’t wait to get started on our second phase of the work and are confident that we will be just as pleased as we were with the first phase.