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DIY Assistance
2021, August, 25

It’s no secret that we at JT Custom Builders truly love what we do. The enjoyment and gratification that come along with transforming spaces into something new and amazing does not get old. We love that we have made great relationships with our Customers who have trusted us to do just that in their homes.

We have also spoken with many friends, neighbors, and potential customers who want a transformation, but would love to work on their own homes. They may simply lack the experience and know-how to get the job done, however. While we will always recommend hiring us as a trusted, professional remodeling contractor due to the variety of safety, health, code, and quality issues that surround these projects, we know this just isn’t for everyone. Costs are also a well-known factor as it’s more expensive now to complete a project.

With all of that, we are thrilled to announce the launch of our DIY Assistance program. This program will give our customers the resources and know-how, and maybe just the boost of confidence needed to get their project done.

Our DIY Assistance program will be run through our Consulting Division and includes three simple package choices:

  • “DIY Know-How”: this simple package includes one-on-one consulting, home and project review, and recommendations to get you started or moving again if stalled. This package is quick, easy, and hourly.
  • “Hold Your Hand”: this package is more comprehensive and involves regular discussions, emails, and even site visits to help make sure your project is in good hands – with a little regular oversight.
  • “Assisted DIY” (sometimes also known as our “Rescue Me” plan): this is our most “involved” package and is a perfect blend of hiring us as your full-service remodeling contractor and simply getting advice. We will establish a scope of work that gets your project to a certain point and then lets you take over. For example, we may frame your basement, complete rough mechanicals, insulate, and drywall and let you take over to paint, trim, and finish. We can also come in and take over a project that you may have started and ran out of time, energy, or know-how.

Contractors, Builders, and Homeowners alike have already trusted and hired JT Custom Builders as consultants for their projects and we have helped save these customers time and cost, establish and review schedules, and make recommendations for their projects. Now we are bringing that same mentality to this brand new program in hopes to help even more of our neighbors accomplish their home enhancement goals.

To sign up or learn more, simply complete an estimate request form on our website ( or call us at 240-651-4200 and let us know which package you’re interested in! We will show you how easy it is to get started on your own project with a little assistance from the pros.