About Jimmy


Jimmy has been passionate about residential construction since he was a kid. From the time he could pick up a pencil, he was drawing houses. Instead of cartoons, Jimmy watched home improvement and woodworking shows on TV.


Jimmy began pursuing this passion in college at the University of Maryland, College Park, where he started as an Architecture major and ultimately graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Civil Engineering (Project Management).

Jimmy started in the homebuilding industry in 2003 with a large, national builder. Fast forward to today, after working with a couple more builders, and Jimmy is even more passionate about all things residential construction. Whether he is hands on or managing the work, he is a student of the industry and is constantly seeking new avenues for learning and new ways to master his craft. He is especially interested in Building Science, Schedule Efficiency, and Craftsmanship.

Jimmy started JT Custom Builders to bring his passion to your home. From new homes to renovations, Jimmy has the experience and knowledge to transform your dream into reality.